Dear Juffali Team,
Good day

WeWe, Astra Farms, are dismayed atby the way youryou respond to such matters! Unfortunately, the truck remained outside your workshop for 5 days, under the pretext that the employee in charge of our account (Saif) iswas on vacation!!

Is it logical that the maintenance workshop of the largest truck agent in Saudi Arabia depends on the absence of
anone employee?

Where finally
Finally, on 07/08/2023 (upon his return from vacation!), the truck entered your maintenance upon his return from vacation! andworkshop. However, from that moment until now, there has been no reply or response to our emails, except for some promises from Mr. Talal, but. So, unfortunately, we do not know the fate of the truck or what happened to it!

Do you know how much our loss is every time the truck stops like this, whichthis? This is supposed to be your responsibility?responsibility.

Do you know that every time I bring the
Trucktruck it’s from Tabuk to Jeddah, onwhich is an arduous journey that takes two weeks?

Did we buy used trucks from the largest agent in the Kingdom
, so thatonly to get this is thekind of maintenance service and after-sales service?

I’m so sorry to push mehave to say thatthis, but in view of what is happening in terms of the maintenance and after-sales service, let meI must withdraw any hopes that were inspired to developwe might have had in developing our partnership in the future.

Best regards.

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