Learn from others' mistakes

Improve your language skills by learning from how we corrected others.

I bought a new phone and it automatically sent all the emails in my draft folder while I was adding an email account to my phone. I did apologiesapologise for the '' hassle'' I caused . This- this was for the way I conducted myself. But I did not apologiesapologise for what happenhappened to me at Greenford High School. As In, in regar.....

PresenceThe presence of CHD was not an independent predictor of TAC—observed between-groupbetween group differences (higher TAC in CHD patients). It disappeared after adjustment for other confounders. We conclude that UA is the main determinant of TAC offor blood serum in males.

The first and the most important step both inis caring for the good condition of the face and body. At this stage, a peeling will be helpful to accelerate the microcirculation of blood and lymph, thus supporting the absorption of active ingredients from other cosmetics.
For pleasure
, -take a bath -, preferably wi.....

To my ever supportive bestie and who's always tagging me in every memesmeme that we'rewe related onto.
We may not be able to chitchat with each other but
, still, our friendship remains. Hope to see you very soon, cupcake!!cupcake! I miss you more than you know.

This course - business, government and society - focused on the relationshiprelationships that existsexist between business, government and society, with emphasis on the need for government to effectively play itsthe role asof umpire, making the rules and mediating between business and society, suchso that everyone gains and .....

Good evening All all,

On behalf of Dr Kholoud Babkair, RTP director

Any absence in academic activity without official leave (sick leave
, annual leave , academic leave ) will be deducted from total AA attendance .
will be deprivedprevented from sitting in promotion examexams once histheir absence reachreaches 25.....

The aim of this report is to research the flow of information in the company .
analyseanalysis is based on a survey carried out among employees.

Questionnaires were distributed to all departments.
The meeting with all
Headsheads of Departmentdepartments was held.

isn’tare’t encouraged to .....

1. The physical warehouse inventory count and observation were conducted on November 6, 2017, at stock location: 6 Saryarka Avenue, Astana city. The inventory was carried out by the inventory commission, appointed by written orderWritten Order No. 162 dated 02-10-2017.

Secondly, many travelers move to a anotheranother country because of their jobs. they willThey may be offered higher employment in the new country, or have the opportunity to work in a position that was unavailable to them in their home country.

1. It was wet, cold and dark in the cave.
2. Because she comes from Singapore
, she understands English very well.
3. Jamie broke his leg in the crash
, but Sue wasn't hurt.
4. She ordered a meal
, ate it, and paid for it with her credit card.
5. Because I was so hungry I ate a hamburger
, some fries an.....

Softball, I would have to say, is my number oneabsolute favorite sport. I have played softball since I was about twelve. When I played I was always either catcher, pitcher, or first base; but mostly catcher, because I was always the one who got aggressive enough to take down the other girls when needed.

There are many reasons why people choose to move to another country. Firstly, because of the expensive costs of living, people decideddecide to travel to a new country. For example, individuals prefer to move abroad because some countries had ahave cheaper serviceservices than their homelands.

Myself and Aleksandara areand I are expecting you to be part of our farewell party, which is on 15.12.1715/12/17. The idea is to have small gathering in the office, and then move on to a restaurant/Pubrestaurant/pub. Your accommodation will be arranged here, and also there is aalso a shuttle on Friday between SEV-SLV-SEV. You cancould even spe.....

Dear Sir/Madamsir/madam,
My family and I went on holidays last month. We stayed in Athens Ibis Hotel. I am writing to you to complain about this trip.
First of all
, the food was awful. DishesThe dishes were cold. I don't think the ingredients were not fresh, they were andalso of low quality as well. My wife has gothad diarrhoea for.....

Dear Mr. Wael Salloum

I did not get a chance to thank you for helping me with the statement
I appreciate your time and your help

Best regards
Cesar Al Chamaa


Me and this girl right here have gone through some crazy shit. Not just any ordinary stuff, but some life changinglife-changing shit. I am so lucky to call her my best friend. We have literally gone through it all together! Let’s go back to when we first started being friends at bowling. I wouldn’t really talk t.....

As you have mentioned, the box you will be receiving is the winter box; but that your order is stored in the system and, subsequently, you will receive boxes on the shipping dates of March 15th, June 15th and SepSeptember 15th .

You are my teacher and I am always tryingalways try to imitate you, evendown to how I am managingmanage people around me her.

Dear haiderHaider,
Please approve my
leavesleave for 6six days. MeI am going to trackingtracking with my friends, so kinlykindly approve my leavesleave.


Dear haiderHaider,

I was
sendsending you an email for 6six days leave. MeI am going to trackingtracking with my friends to northern areas, so kindly approve my leavesleave.