Learn from others' mistakes

Improve your language skills by learning from how we corrected others.

Obesity has been increased in children and adolescents, which is due to lack of physical activity [1].Although excessive video game play has been noted as an effect of children obesity, a newer video gaming technology, called exergame has been developed, which combines exercising with gamegaming, requir.....

...between people and the ability to express their feeling and ideas in a safe environment. Dialogue is an effective waymeans of communication withbetween family members. When parents are good interlocutors with their children. They, they have the opportunity to learn about the positive and negative aspects of t.....

Eine kurze Erklärung für mein neuntes Schulzeugnis!

DaherDa ich von der ersten VS in die Vorschulklasse gekommen bin und dann direkt in die zweite VS gekommen bin, zählt das nicht als neuntes Schuljahr. Leider wusste ich das nicht, daherda mir erst in der vierten Hauptschulklasse gesagt wurde, dasdass ich neun Schuljahre ha.....

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Gina Rodriguez. I have 12 years of successful experience in the Medical field, where my experienceI started out as Certified Medical Assistant with hands on patient care in clinics. Over the years, utilizing my versatile education, and experience, I was able to transition into.....

Liebe Frau Fritsch-Drlje,

vielen Dank für
dieIhre Hilfe. Ich bin gerade in München angekommen. Darf ich fragen, ob es möglich ist, nächste Woche einen Termin beimit Ihnen zu vereinbaren? Ich habe am Donnerstag und Freitag NachmittagFreitagnachmittag Zeit. (Leider(leider sind meine Sprachkurse im Oktober sehr intensiv, im November.....

I just couldntcouldn't do it. ImI'm sorry. There were to/too/twotoo many sources to summarisesummarize, and time caught up with me. I used the oxford dictionaryOxford Dictionary for difficult terms, and this took time, as well. However, for most of the sources, the authors details did not take that long to write down. I still need to summarissummariz.....

If at the end of 2018 there are increases, such as increases in trash, electric, etc.
; then that results in a higher rent charges. Documentation must be provided by the landlord to justify those charges. Otherwise, no right shall be given to increase rent (by landlord) during the period of the lease......

Hi Ana!Ana,

was least onwent to Kraków. and I would tell you what there was.
When I went I
camewent for shopping, then I next I went onto a concert. WasIt was amazing.

Thanks for providing the travel grantstravel grant opportunities for doctoral students. As likewith other students, I also have concerns about attending fees. Unfortunately, I do not have any funding for the next semester at this moment. Nevertheless, I am really excited to attend this conference. If I cancould receive sup.....

iI noticed that, in the quote, abigailAbigail is a person who expects people to do it her own way, and is very self-centered. abigail is makingAbigail makes the girls tell a whole different story, just in case they question the girlsare questioned about what went on in the woods because she. She knows that if they find out the truth about what she had d.....

Dear Mr. Mancenido,

Good day.

I'm writing this email to request
tothat you please reconsider me for the Project Coordinator position inon your team.

My name is Lovely E. Camino
, from Wholesale - Insurance Central Operations Group, who applied for the Project Coordinator position and appeared for a .....

Mr jacqueJacque directeur de la ste ibisco acquereursociété Ibisco, acquéreur de 50, nous sollicite pour le complementcomplément d’achat d’un appartement de 100m au prix de X sachant que le bien en question a eteété acquis par 2 parties et que le coacquéreur a deposedéposé son dossier de pretprêt pour le complementcomplément d’achat du bien.
ditedit bien a .....

Good afternoon,

Yesterday I called in
, falsely accusing Mr.Seepersaud of coming to the office and shooting everyone there,. This was because he was ignoring me all day andwhile I was trying to get his attention,. I did something extremely wrong, and I should've never played around with someone'ssomeone else's reputation li.....

Because You were the first strange man who to whom I gave chocolate to ,actully alsotoo; you are actually first one whoto whom I gave him a gift to at all.

Because Youyou were the first strange man who I gave chocolate to ,actully also actually the first one who I gave him a gift to.

And you were the first
one of the customerscustomer who made me smile.

BirthdayBirthday! ^^

I hope
that I makemade your day a bit better.

You are the first one of the customerscustomer I met.
You are the first customer to break a barrier
You are the first
onecustomer who I gave him chocolate to.
And you
first oneare of the customersfirst customer who made me smile.

Because theThe first time, I madesold you a Galaxy.
I amIt was the first unit I toldsold.

Ileana Fideuan
Level 3 Diploma in Business and Administration
Unit 1 Principles of business

1.1Explain the characteristics of different business markets
There are two types of
different business markets:
competioncompetition: rational buyers, zero transaction cost, no externalities, perfect information,.....

TheThis picture indicates the huge number of accidents because of this death machine. The road isin question is drawn as a machine and this shows the quantity of people who die because of it. As an experimenter, I statessomeone who does experiments regarding matters such as this, I can say that my children woke up without a moth.....

Hey Diana,

I'm writing to tell you
: that I moved house. This flat is in the suburbs, overlooking the river. Nearby, there is a shop, a church, a bus stop and a sports centre. My friend livelives on the same street.

Everything would be
okokay, if it weren't for my neighbors. They are pensioners and liste.....

Dear Reham,

I am graduating in May 2018 and looking to apply for OPT.
Is it available to apply now for the next graduation